We didn’t have the typical slow song for our first dance so realized after a few months of planning that it would be worth our while to invest in some dance lessons! It was totally worth our while!!! Rubi is an AWESOME dance instructor if you’re looking for something personalized to your song and style. Not only did she teach us a perfect first dance but she’s super flexible and reliable! Rubi listens to what you want and don’t want and really helps make you feel comfortable and confident, not overwhelmed. Every person at our reception was literally on their feet during our entire dance, even clapping to the beat – it was such an amazing feeling! I can’t tell you how many people have asked us since our wedding what the name of our song was and how much we looked like we were on Dancing with the Stars (by the way – we are hardly natural dancers). I absolutely cannot wait for our video back and hands down, I’m most interested in watching our dance. Our dance may very well have ended up being my favorite part of the entire day, and lessons favorite part of the planning.


At last minute (we’re talking six weeks prior to the wedding), my fiancee and I decided that we weren’t exactly ready to hit the dance floor. Enter Rubi at Rubi First Dance. In three lessons, my groom and I had an arsenal of turns and steps that meant we executed a more sophisticated first dance than even our parents thought was possible! We chose Rubi’s dance classes because of the personal attention, great reviews, and her location at Chestnut Hill, and couldn’t be happier — and more relieved! Rubi is a terrific instructor — she is upbeat, involved, encouraging, and works with your vision. No slow circling to the music here! We had so much fun, that we asked about doing a follow-up class for a fun date. Sure enough, Rubi organized a “latin dance night” for couples where she taught us to salsa at her studio and then took us out to the dance floor at Cuba Libre for hands-on practice! We brought our friends and had a great time — we’re looking forward to the next night out! I highly recommend First Dance whether you want to learn some steps for your wedding, or if you have the luxury of time to learn to dance!

— RACHEL OLENICK, Philadelphia

A few weeks prior to our wedding we realized we had no clue how to dance! We didn’t want to look like high-school kids during our first married dance, so I quickly went online and began researching dance lessons in our local area. Most of the things I had found required lengthy group lessons, or expensive one-on-one lessons, neither of which did we have the time or the money for. I found Rubi’s webpage, and after speaking with her and learning how she works, I knew she was the one! With our hectic schedule, having Rubi come to our house after work was the perfect way to squeeze in a few lessons prior to our wedding. We played our first dance song for Rubi and she quickly taught us some basic dance steps as well as came up with some easy “fancier” moves to make us look good. Our first dance went off without a hitch, and we had so much fun doing it – our friends and family were surprised that we actually knew how to dance and asked how long we had been taking lessons for; when I told them 2 quick sessions with Rubi they were shocked, they thought we had been taking lessons for months! Hiring Rubi was one of the best things we did for our wedding – not only is she a great and patient teacher but she also has a great personality and makes the lesson fun. I would recommend Rubi to anyone who needs to some help ‘tuning up’ their first dance!

— KIM ROCK, Philadelphia

Before taking lessons with Rubi, my then-fiance and I had very little rhythm, less coordination, and I had a lot of difficulty letting go of control in order to let him lead. Rubi really took the time to get to know our discomforts about dancing and targeted those during instruction. With her help, we were able to overcome all of those problems to not only look good while performing our first dance at our wedding, but feel really comfortable doing it as well! Everyone commented on what a great job we did and said that it looked seamless and well-rehearsed. We could never have done it without Rubi!

— LAUREN LIND, Downingtown, PA


Rubi was a fantastic dance instructor! We had no experience with partner dancing, and Rubi taught us everything we needed to know. From basic steps to turns, dips, and lifts, she completely transformed us into real dancers in such a short amount of time. We are so thankful to Rubi for making our big day extra special.

— CHRISTY DINGER, Philadelphia, PA




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